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I can’t believe I finished reading the last book which concludes the entire trilogy. It was so beautiful. Thanks to Marie Lu for being such an awesome author and for writing such an amazing story. This story will forever hold a special place in my heart. Hands down the best and my favourite story ever :”) #Legend #Prodigy #Champion #MarieLu #bookhungover #sobs #beststoryever #fav #jjh #amazing




Vancouver-based art student Fiona Tang creates large-scale trompe l’oeil drawings of animals that appear to burst forth from the paper upon which they were so expressively rendered. She uses a variety of materials to create these awesome optical illusions, including charcoal, acrylic paint, conté and chalk pastels.

We love the photos in which Tang poses with her pieces, emphasizing the effectiveness of her illusions. A large stag, with birds perched on his antlers, looks so solid that we’re still waiting to see steamy breath leave his nostrils. An enormous salt water crocodile raises its head from the rippling grey water in order to receive a gentle pat on the snout. A ferocious shark and powerful humpback whale emerge from opposite walls for an underwater face-off.

Follow Fiona Tang here on Tumblr to check out more of her eye-popping artwork.

[via My Modern Metropolis]


what a badass


1000 followers has always been a goal for me, so as a thank you, i’m doing a giveaway of some of my favourite books. 


  • This is open internationally (thanks to book depository)
  • Must be following my blog, I will check!
  • You may like and reblog this post as much as you’d like
  • You will receive one of the above books in paperback format 
  • The winner will be chosen on the closing day. Please have an open ask box! If the winner does not reply within 24 hours, another winner will be picked
  • The winner must be willing to give me their address, I won’t stalk you 
  • Giveaway ends 10th June at 7pm AEST
  • Any questions, just message me 
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