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Today, a childhood friend of mine told me that I had inspired her to start drawing ever since we were twelve years old. Albeit being a small gesture and to be honest, I’m not yet what you could call a professional artist(which is why I didn’t think it was possible to inspire someone), what she said really really made my day and had inspired me even more to do greater things in life to inspire more people. After all, one of my favourite quotes/life goals is to Live to Inspire. I’m just blessed that I’m getting there. I believe that everyone should have this goal so we could all live to inspire others in whatever way we can, by doing what we love. It doesn’t matter how good we are at it. It’s the amount of love and passion we put into our work that matters. As Vincent Van Gogh once said “What is done in love is done well”.

I’m also sorry that this acc is getting quite inactive lately but I’ve been quite busy with school recently. But don’t worry, there’ll be updates soon. Before this gets wayyy too long, I just wanna thank everyone here who has seen my work. You all have indeed inspired me in a way I can’t explain. Please do tell me what I need to do to improve myself for I am still learning. Have a blessed day you all :D ♥ #livetoinspire #quote #happy #blessyou #jjh #edit #inspiration

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